Political Campaign Management

Political Campaign Management

Before you raise your first dollar or talk to a voter, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to launch your campaign.  BWG can help you establish your campaign from the ground up; creating processes and procedures for success and helping you implement that plan throughout your campaign.

BWG jointly brings 40+ years of campaign experience to their clients. Both Brandi & Courtney have worked on local, statewide and national campaigns and hold skill sets that compliment each other, including:

  • General Consulting & Managing your Campaign
  • Fundraising & Compliance
  • Strategy & Data
  • Persuasion & Voter Turnout

Nonprofit Organization Empowerment

BWG can help clients set up a new organization from the ground up and give advice on getting started.

BWG will help you establish your new organization, filing paperwork with the state and IRS, establishing procedures and ensuring that you’re prepared for success. If needed, BWG can also help a new non-profit seek out funding opportunities, both through state & local sources and nationally through grants funding.

Both Brandi & Courtney have worked within nonprofit organizations, raising critical funding for causes and working within communities and constituency groups to grow the reach, increasing services and mission of the organization.

Community Relations & Business Development

Whether you’re an established company, or a new venture wanting to grow, BWG can develop a community engagement strategy to help grow relationships, build stronger bonds, or create personal connections.  These alliances make communities and companies stronger.

BWG has helped clients introduce their new business into the community, helping to expand their customer base and brand awareness.  BWG has also created plans and events for clients that engage and bring together organizers, non profits, community leaders and companies by identifying common missions and goals.