Welcome to the official launch of Bruns Wheeler Group!

Technically, BWG started in January 2019, but we didn’t really tell anyone we existed….we just started working. Combined, we have worked in just about every level of political campaigns, managed projects within non-profit organizations, and even helped start-up groups find their footing and expand their brands. But what we’ve never been great at is self promotion or reporting out when we have a chance to work with a great client or on an impactful project. 

Two years into this company and we’ve worked with some amazing clients both locally and nationally and it is time for a restructure. As we come off of the monotony of 2020 and enter into what we hope to be a better year in 2021, we are trying to be more intentional in our work, and we want to reflect that in this space as well. 

We’ll use this platform to share tips and tricks we’ve gathered from our experience or what we’re learning from colleagues doing similar work. What you can expect to see here will be information and resources that we find interesting about the work, our clients, and the political landscape that needs attention and action. 

Our goal is to provide content that is a resource and helpful to our clients and partners. BWG 

approaches every client differently but there are threads of commonality in the questions we are asked. Here we will either provide our suggestions or open up the dialogue to other experts in the field to address these questions. 

So what does this mean for BWG? It means we’ll continue to focus on helping clients who we believe in – as a candidate, a cause, or a company. We’ll invest our time and talent into improving areas we believe in most and we’ll always strive to do it with integrity, honesty, fairness, hard work, with a goal toward consistent growth and improvement. 

Fair and honest don’t always mean popular. If you want someone who will just agree with you, or people who want to get into petty mud-slinging contests in a campaign, we’re probably not the firm for you. And that’s ok. 

There is a lot of work to do and we are excited to join in the efforts and partners to make our community a better place for us all.