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Work, Our Clients, and the Political Landscape That Needs Attention and Action

Getting Started: Community Engagement

Community engagement is a common thread across all the consulting work for Bruns Wheeler Group  - electoral, business, and non-profit.  BWG is regularly asked about the best way to start and the best processes for keeping people engaged.  Electoral...


Welcome to the official launch of Bruns Wheeler Group! Technically, BWG started in January 2019, but we didn’t really tell anyone we existed….we just started working. Combined, we have worked in just about every level of political campaigns, managed projects within...

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It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Get Started

We focus on helping clients who we believe in – as a candidate, a cause, or a company. We’ll invest our time and talent into improving areas we believe in most and we’ll always strive to do it with integrity, honesty, fairness, hard work, with a goal toward consistent growth and improvement.